Junior Monks
The Benedictine monks strive to respond to the Holy Rule of St. Benedict by lives of prayer and work. In union with all God’s people the monks hear the Good News and celebrate its liberating truth in their common prayer and the Eucharist. Following the directives of the Rule they exercise their apostolate by preaching, teaching and in the various trades. Our Benedictine community life is open to the outside world through our desire and duty to share the gift of our experiences. Through hospitality, we discover the first opportunity for meeting and exchanging ideas. Days of recollection, counseling, retreats and youth encounter groups are characteristic of our pastoral activities and mark some of the ways in which we endeavour to accompany souls in their search for God. The Church’s worldwide mission and Christian life in other nations present us with a special challenge. This challenge provides the opportunity to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to people for the first time. In addition, we experience the announcement of God’s love through the human richness of other peoples and cultures.. Our goal is to make the world a better place for all people and to attempt to provide worthy human conditions in the areas of our mission work. This purpose often requires a courageous attitude regarding the political situation in many countries. Our missions offer us the opportunity to serve the cause of human solidarity with the entire people of God.