Abbey Newsletter June 2015

INKAMANA NEWSLETTER 3/2015 1 June 2015There has been once again a fair amount of movement in our community. Fr Gérard Lagleder left for Germany on April 8 for his annual fund–raising campaign which will last until August 7. He has to do this to cover the costs of running the Blessed Gérard Care Centre which he started at Mandeni, Zululand, in 1992. It is the year when he founded the Blessed Gérard Brotherhood. It is an organisation of the Sovereign Order of Malta, commonly referred to as the Order of Malta. The centre…continue reading →

April 2015 Newsletter

INKAMANA NEWSLETTER 2/2015 1 April 2015The election of a new superior was, without doubt, the main event of the last two months as far as Inkamana is concerned. The election became necessary as Abbot Godfrey Sieber’s 12-year term of office came to an end on February 7. Abbot President Jeremias, the superior general of the Benedictine Congregation of St Ottilien, arrived on February 5 to prepare and supervise the election. The 28 members of the community – 9 Germans, 9 South Africans, 6 Malawians, 2 Namibians, 1 American and 1 Kenyan – who…continue reading →