Inkamana Abbey

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Our coat of arms and motto “Lucerna ejus est agnus”

Inkamana Abbey is situated on the shores of the Klipfontein Dam outside Vryheid (Northern Natal). Inkamana Monastery was founded as a mission station on August 3, 1922. It was given the status of a Priory on October 10, 1961, a Conventual Priory on June 21, 1968 and was made an abbey on February 25, 1982.
  • Inkamana Abbey has grown into a major monastic and educational centre where Priests and Brothers from South Africa and overseas work and pray together.
  • Supported by the Benedictine Sisters of  Twasana and lay teachers from around Vryheid we run a fully established High- and Boarding School for boys and girls.
  • We also exercise an apostolate for guests who wish to share the prayer and community life of the monks.
  • Following an ancient Benedictine tradition we have a variety of workshops:
    • plumbing,
    • carpentry,
    • Motor Vehicle
    as well as a maize, piggery, chicken farm, dairy farm and a vegetable garden to secure the financial independence of the community and to train local people in the various trades.

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